The Velvet A-line

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every 6 months" Oscar Wilde

Waterhouse for Hunter

For me fashion week isn’t just about the new collection of garments draped over what can only be described as some of the worlds most beautiful and unique looking women, it’s about the show the designer presents. Last week at London fashion week Hunter displayed a phenomenal catwalk display using the most basic idea.. Wellies splashing down the runway in water, genius! Alasdhair Willis (Stella McCartney’s husband) debuted as a creative director showing off his amazing potential for the British brand and revealing the expansion of footwear and outerwear the brand plan.

Suki Waterhouse looked stunning as she took the lead down the flooded catwalk. The mysterious vibes set through the room as artificial trees guided the models down the dark runway. A fantastic show which has already been proven to increase sales.



Alexander McQueen Spring 2014: African Warrior

Sarah Burton designed an African-inspired collection for Alexander McQueen’s spring 2014 runway show. The collection entailed an array of bright, bold colours and brave striking patterns. The models strutted down the catwalk sporting warrior themed garments such as gold cuffs which repeated down each arm. The models each wore gold hard hats creating a continuous theme throughout the show. Designer Sarah Burton incorporated numerous feather themed garments resembling exotic birds. Each design is simply outstanding and portrays the African theme in a terrific light.


Dior Exhibition At Platt Hall Gallery

A small but insightful collection by Dior took me by surprise. Walking into what looked like an abandoned house from the 19th century, I judgementally expected a poor display of some knock off garments which could be passed off as some of Dior’s original designs. I was thrilled to find some of the most iconic pieces he had created along with various other pieces of fashion. The exhibition includes day, cocktail and evening wear showing a range of Dior’s designs. A personal favourite is the iconic black cocktail dress with the clinched in waist emphasising the bust and the hips. The museum failed to disappoint but encouraged me to explore fashion in and around Manchester.

The collection of garments on display was undeniably inspiring and above all incredible to actually see some of his original pieces. Christian Dior is an iconic designer who created something completely new and original. The ‘New Look’ will forever be a part of the history of fashion.